5 Simple Ways on How to Be Romantic

So you are planning to show your potential mate that you have some interest in her, but don’t know how to be romantic. You are searching for a way to say I love you without freaking her out or sounding awkward. Stop there and be realistic. Your potential spouse will be looking forward to seeing the real, but a better you. Keep in mind; ladies are sensitive than men. If you pretend, she will notice and rate you according to her thoughts. The trick to being romantic is thoughtfulness.

Here are some few tips

1. Buy her flowers

It might seem less effective, but most ladies consider men who buy them flowers romantic. So, whenever you are planning to meet with her, get into a flower store choose some good-smelling flowers, hide it under your court or your back and when you meet, surprise her.

2. Organize a date

Nothing makes a girl’s day fun by taking her out during a valentine’s day, weekends or just any other special day. So, make time and ensure that your date day doesn’t conflict with her daily duties. When dating, make sure it is extravagant. For example, you can rent a convertible, take her to a concert or if you don’t have much to spend, prepare her favorite meal and add some Champaign.

3. Be intimate during your date

Whether you are in a concert or just having a lovely time at your home, hold her close to you. Talk to her softly while playing with her hair. Doing this will make her feel connected to you than ever. After watching a movie, don’t just let her go. Drive her home and when getting out of your car, hold her hands while walking to her doorstep. If you think she wants it, cup her head and kiss her before waving goodbye. Unless she is just there for a ride, this memory will never leave her brain. Also, try to look your best during the date. Here’s beginner body weight workout program link.

4. Write her a love letter

Writing a letter might seem outdated, but believe me, it works. Besides, it is a unique way of saying I love you. Make sure that in your letter, you’ve written something that compliments her looks or a personality and that you can’t even imagine being with her. Don’t just send her this letter through the mail. You can buy a flower and stick it inside. Or, before you part ways after a date, you can stick that letter in her pocket. If she loves you the same way, she will want to keep this later forever.

5. Text her

Most girls get frustrated when they don’t hear from you for even a few hours. If your girl is like this, don’t let this happen. You can text her before her bedtime or after she wakes up. Just like what you wrote in her letter, make her know that you are always thinking of her. You can tell her something like, you miss her and that you wish you were close to her. Ensure that your texts are short. Also, don’t keep her waiting. Respond immediately to her text. A text will work, but overdoing it might frustrate her. So, note her limit. For example, don’t respond twice to one text. Instead, wait till she responds.

6. Compliment her

Before a girl steps out on her doorstep, she will wear a dress or some shoes hoping to impress you. One fact is, girls, love to be flattered regardless of what they wear or how they look. You don’t have to tell her the truth and remember not to mention anything that might hurt her emotionally such as, you’ve added weight and more. Just find something good in what she is wearing, her hair and say something good about it. Always remember to tell her that she is beautiful. Doing this will without a doubt make her happy.

Romance is all about being thoughtful of her. So, don’t assume the relationship. Remember, it is all about making her happy, and she can’t expect anyone else to do this much better than her potential mate. Most importantly, learn what she likes and doesn’t like. If you can stick to the tips above, your girl will find you romantic regardless of what you have, how you sound or how you look.